Engineering & Detailing

Our Engineering Team, which houses the design and drafting team, consists experienced structural detailers, design engineers, draftsmen and professional engineers. In addition to using generic AutoCAD Software, our engineers also utilise extremely intelligent and highly complex software systems such as Tekla Structure, StruCad, StruCam and Stud Pro in our design and drafting procedures.
Steelmech Pte Ltd provided following Engineering & Detailing services,

  • Preparation of structural model from the design data’s/drawings
  • Prepare General Arrangement drawing from the model
  • Generate shop drawings/fabrication drawings to be used in the fabrication shop
  • Prepare material list and bolt list
  • Prepare erection drawings with mark numbers.

Fabrication workshop

Steelmech Pte Ltd has extensive workshop fabrication facilities to allow efficient and quality fabrication of structural steel works in a range of materials including Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. We are proud to manufacture specialised metalwork items locally in Singapore cost-effectively for our clients at a high level of quality, and are supported by strong network of suppliers of raw and processed steel products.
Steelmech Pte Ltd is capable of fabrication of structures across light, medium and heavy grades of specialised structural fabrication. All supporting miscellaneous items such as purlins, wall girts, handrails, ladders, staircases, safety gates, grating & floor plate are able to be undertaken for complete projects fabricated in one location.
Our well-equipped fabrication workshop which is specially designed around an in-line production concept based on Computer Numerical Control machineries allows us to manufacture, assemble and test our in-house designed equipment before it is shipped to site for installation.
Facilities provided:
Steelmech Pte Ltd has capability to perform range of fabrication welding processes under the supervision of an in-house Welding Inspector. This includes:
FCAW – Flux-Cored Arc Welding
SMAW – Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Steelmech Pte Ltd has qualified Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS), associated Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) and Welder Qualification Records (WQR) to complete structural and pressure welding work in accordance with American Welding Society (AWS) Standards, British Standards (BS) and project specifications. We have an in-house Welding Inspector to oversee welding processes and complete inspections and reports as part of our quality control processes.
Steelmech Pte Ltd has built strong relationships with range of sub-contractors of external coating application, including blast and painting and galvanising. This allows a quality finish to complete a quality fabrication job for long lasting internal and external situations.