Structural Steel Construction In Singapore

We design, supply, fabricate and erect a wide spectrum of structural steel works and construction for Buildings, Factories, Plants and Infrastructure in Singapore. The use of steel frame structures is found in many high-rise commercial buildings as steel frame structures are versatile and have better weight-to-loading ratio than concrete structures. Furthermore, as steel frame structures can be pre-fabricated in workshops and transported to the project site for assembly and erection, there is a marked reduction in wet works as compared with conventional concrete works.

The productivity of the project site is increased as structural steel construction is less susceptible to wet weather conditions. Hence, our customers save on labour costs, material wastage and delays attributed to adverse weather.

Through past projects, we have gained substantial experience and expertise in delivering high standards of precision in fabrication and ingenuity in site handling and erection work, which have enabled us to deliver structural steel construction and solutions to project owners in various industries.

Types of Industries in Singapore

  • Building construction
  • Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Power Plants